Movitra : Revolutionising Eyewear With Style And Innovation

Movitra : Revolutionising Eyewear With Style And Innovation

Discover the exceptional fusion of innovative design and functionality with Movitra, a renowned eyewear brand captivating hearts worldwide. Created in Milan, Movitra embodies the essence of Italian craftsmanship, creating stylish and practical eyewear that strikes the perfect equilibrium between functionality and the rich heritage of Italian style.

Movitra is a renowned eyewear brand that seamlessly merges innovative design with exceptional functionality. With a commitment to creating eyewear that is both stylish and practical, Movitra has captivated the hearts of eyewear enthusiasts worldwide.

At the heart of Movitra’s philosophy is their patented rotation system, which allows the temples of their glasses to rotate 360 degrees. This unique feature ensures that the frames remain protected from accidental damage, making them the perfect choice for active individuals who prioritize durability and convenience without compromising on style.

Founded by Filippo Pagliacci, Giuseppe Pizzuto, and Diego Ponzetto, Movitra is an esteemed eyewear brand that stands as a testament to the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. With a rich heritage deeply rooted in Italy’s renowned tradition of artisanal skill and precision, Movitra has emerged as a symbol of exquisite design and meticulous attention to detail.

By embracing the tagline “Two Souls. One Brand.,” Movitra has ingrained the essence of its identity with the dualism of “Made In Italy” and innovation. This unique combination has given rise to collections that exude strong personalities and distinctive charm.

“All the choices we make are devoted to functionality and performance. But we have also understood that the Italian spirit, with all its heritage of style, research and craftsmanship are part of us. So our daily effort is to try to create a product where there is the perfect balance of these two souls,” says Giuseppe Pizzuto, creative director and co-founder of Movitra.

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