Nova Eyewear Complete Eyewear

Nova Eyewear Complete Eyewear

A global eyewear brand which offers complete eyewear solutions

Nova Eyewear, the global eyewear brand from Vision Rx Lab, available in more than 25 countries worldwide, offers a bouquet of innovative eyewear solutions, ranging from advanced digital lenses to fashionable frames, powered sunglasses and swimming goggles etc, catering to all genders, ages and lifestyles, acknowledging the spirit of the ever so dynamic and eclectic trend and fashion conscious crowd of today.

The brand is unique in its category as it straddles the best of two worlds: world-class vision technology in lenses and the latest styles in frames and sunglasses. With Its innovative product range like Nova Combos it brings to the consumer the convenience of one-stop solution, allowing them to purchase specialised lenses in SV and PAL with blue-light filters and UV protection in clear or sun lenses, complete with trendy frames as a single unit at an affordable range. In today’s age when people are hard pressed for time, this process is less expensive and cumbersome. In the near future, every purchase should be a simple one-click operation, and with Nova Combos is an innovative step towards that.

Another forte of this global brand is its Nova Sun & Sports range. Committed to deliver best optical performance and protection for active lifestyle, Nova Eyewear provides customised lenses for curved sunglass frames and high-curved sports frames in multi-aspheric, atoric SV and super soft PAL designs offered under Nova Sun & Sports category, making it possible for athletes to wear powered sun lenses as per their prescription in fashionable curvy sports sunglasses with outstanding optical performance. Designed with Digicontour Technology, the sun lenses ensures wider fields of clear vision, greatly reduced distortions and enhanced contrast.

Backed with extensive research, the brand also introduced new-age vision solutions to meet special requirements like Nova Color, the color management lenses to aid in better colour perception, Nova Pilot, the new specialty lenses designed for pilots and Nova Golf, crafted for enhanced performance at the golf course.

Stop by at Booth #51 at Vision Plus Expo 2022, Dubai, to discover the world of innovations from Nova Eyewear.

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