Rewarding The Movers And Shakers Of The Optical Industry Worldwide

Rewarding The Movers And Shakers Of The Optical Industry Worldwide

VisionPlus Expo 2023, home to the prestigious You&Eye Awards and VP Awards, promises to surpass expectations as the most acclaimed forum to celebrate the global eyewear industry

VisionPlus EXPO 2023 is all set to exceed expectations, transcending boundaries to unite Optical industry leaders from every corner of the globe. This year the VisionPlus EXPO will be celebrating not only one but two prestigious awards for the eyewear industry in Dubai: the YOU&EYE AWARDS for retailers and the VP AWARDS for brands.

The ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS recognizes the outstanding achievements of retailers who have redefined the eyewear retail experience with exceptional service, curation, and customer engagement. Parallelly, the VP AWARDS celebrates the ingenuity of eyewear brands, honoring those who have constantly pushed the envelope in design, innovation, and technology.

The VP Awards, a spectacular global eyewear celebration, continues to amaze and inspire with its emphasis on recognizing brilliance from international brands, while the YOU&EYE Awards continues to celebrate the achievements of optical retailers - only it’s bigger and spans the world this year.

While celebrating the vibrant essence of the Middle East, the VP Awards truly represents a global perspective; the YOU&EYE Awards is making its debut on the world stage, to represent a global perspective as well. These events represent an international platform where opticians, eyewear trends and innovations from around the world are highlighted, exchanged, and celebrated. This fusion of ideas creates an enriching experience for everyone involved, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

VisionPlus EXPO: Celebrating Retailers and Brands

The heart of the YOU&EYE Awards and VP Awards lies in their diverse and unbiased jury panel. Thus the jury, comprising esteemed experts from across the Middle East, ensures a fair evaluation of the entries. Therefore only the most exceptional eyewear designs and retail initiatives are honored, regardless of their origin.

The VisionPlus Awards continues to stand tall as the biggest global eyewear celebration, uniting optical industry visionaries from around the world and recognizing excellence in both retail and brand categories. As the YOU&EYE Awards continues to evolve, they play a pivotal role in inspiring the entire eyewear industry to strive for excellence.

VisionPlus EXPO fosters innovation, collaboration, and inspiration, setting new benchmarks for the industry, and leaving a lasting impact on the world of eyewear.

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