Visionaries Gather: Day One of VisionPlus EXPO 2023, Dubai, Sets the Stage Ablaze

Visionaries Gather:

Day One of VisionPlus EXPO 2023, Dubai, Sets the Stage Ablaze

VisionPlus EXPO, Dubai delivered a Spectacular Opening. High excitement was the underlying mood of this day! After a grand inaugural session, VisionPlus EXPO, held at the sprawling Festival Arena Exhibition Center, Dubai, welcomed all participants and visitors with a mind-boggling array of booths that showcased the best of global eyecare products, optical equipment, optical care accessories, etc.

The highlights were of course the premium brands that encompassed excellent eyewear collections and cutting-edge fashion sunglasses. The dedicated OEM, German, French, and Italian Pavilions, and multiple leading global brands’ booths all added to the delight of the Opticians who have flocked to this Mecca of the Optics Industry from far and wide!

Notable brands are- Zeiss, Hoya, L.G.R., Monogram, Scandinavian Frames Sweden, J F Rey, Coburn Technologies, MEI, Idee, and so

Meanwhile, VP Academy was a hub of activity with sessions on leading technologies and eyecare concepts, presented by eminent speakers – Dr. Yazan Gammoh and Dr. Rizwana Hussaindeen on Myopia Essentials and Paediatric Assessment of Myopia; Ms. Fahima Karolia on Binocular Vision Assessment for Myopia Management; and Dr. Yazan Gammoh again on Myopia Management Strategies. Attending the sessions were Optometrists, Opticians, Orthoptists, Medical Personnel, Ophthalmologists, and Ocularists.

After a delectable lunch, there was a Kerataconus Management Seminar led by Mr. Zachary Cairns and Ms.Irene Sophia Joseph, and a talk on Scleral Contact Lenses Fitting by Mr. Zachary Cairns.

Animated discussions and explanations at all the booths and pavilions marked the tenor of the Expo. It was a bee-hive of business deals and high commerce, underlying the immeasurable benefits of the VisionPlus EXPO gathering as a landmark forum for the Optical Industry!

As the sun set over the Arena and the golden skyline of Dubai, all participants left the venue reluctantly, but raring to come again the next day for what promised to be even more excitement!

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