VP Academy – Upgrade, Upscale and Grow Your Optical Business.

VisionPlus Academy

Upgrade, Upscale and Grow Your Optical Business.

The latest technology and healthcare solutions in optometry all in one place.

In the ever-evolving world of optical healthcare, continuous learning and professional development are essential to provide the best possible care to patients. The VisionPlus EXPO 2023 in Dubai is set to host an exceptional educational event, the VP Academy. This three-day, CME Accredited scientific agenda promises to be a transformative experience for eye care professionals.

The VP Academy has three core objectives: Enhance Customer Engagement, Improve Professional Services, and Update Clinical Expertise. These objectives reflect the pressing need for eye care professionals to stay at the forefront of their field.

In today's competitive healthcare landscape, patient engagement is crucial, and the VP Academy recognizes this by aiming to equip professionals with the knowledge and tools to engage effectively with their patients. From honing communication skills to embracing patient-centered care, attendees will gain valuable insights into fostering strong doctor-patient relationships while staying up-to-date with the rapid advancements in technology and treatment modalities that are transforming the eye care industry. Workshops and learning modules at VP Academy will delve into the latest trends in optometry and ophthalmology, ensuring that eye care professionals are well-prepared to offer cutting-edge services to their patients.

Some of the notable speakers that attendees can look forward to meeting are Dr. Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen, Dr. Yazan Gammoh, Nilesh Thite, Fahima Karolia, Devakani Suresh Kumar, Dr Bahram Behrouzi Homa, Irene Sophia Joseph and Zachary Cairns.

Furthermore, attendees can look forward to the exciting news that ZEISS will be serving as a knowledge partner for this year's VP Academy, alongside valued supporting partners including the Vision Care Association, Oman Optometry Club, and UOF.

Visitors will be delighted to learn that the Scientific Committee, comprised of esteemed members such as Dr. Yazan Gammoh (Chairman), Fahima Karolia, Nilesh Thite, Neeraj Dabral, and Dr. Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen, has played a pivotal role in shaping the agenda for the VP Academy. Their valuable contributions have been instrumental in the planning of this event.

The theme of the VP Academy, "EyeCare Practice: The Future is Now," encapsulates the spirit of the event. It emphasizes the urgency of adapting to the changing landscape of eye care. With advancements like telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and personalized medicine on the horizon, eye care professionals need to be prepared to embrace these changes.

VP Academy at VisionPlus EXPO 2023 in Dubai promises to offer a multitude of advantages for eye care professionals, making it an indispensable opportunity for career growth. With its three key objectives and a theme that resonates with the evolving nature of healthcare, it offers a unique opportunity to enhance skills, engage with peers, and shape the future of eye care practice. It's not just an event; it's a journey towards excellence in eye care.

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