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Exhibitors Guide

Last updated on: Friday, 28 Jun 2024


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Exhibiting & Venue Info

Key Topics

Event Timetable

Build Up Hall Open Access for 
06 Oct 
07 Oct
00:01hrs – 23:59hrsOfficial contractors and Space-only exhibitors 
06:00hrs – 22:00hrsShell Scheme exhibitors, Official Contractors and Space-only exhibitors 
Open Days Hall Open Show Open Hours 
08 Oct 
00:01hrs – 23:59hrs 10:00hrs – 18:00hrs 
09 Oct 
00:01hrs – 23:59hrs 10:00hrs – 18:00hrs 
10 Oct 
00:01hrs – 23:59hrs10:00hrs – 17:00hrs 
Breakdown Hall Open Access for 
11 Oct 
00:01hrs – 12:01hrsFor Shell Scheme, Space-only Exhibitors and Official Contractors
All stands should be clear of displays and products by 24:00hrs on Thursday

Please do not attempt to begin setting up your stand before your allocated time, as this can disrupt others working in the hall and cause delays. Similarly, do not begin breaking down before the show closes as it poses safety risks to others. 

You are strongly advised to remove everything from your stand as soon as possible as your stock and exhibits are most prone during breakdown. With this in mind, you should aim to clear all stock and exhibits by 24:00hrs on Thursday night; under no circumstances can anything be left in the halls overnight.  

Any items not removed by the end of breakdown will be deemed as rubbish and disposed of. Any costs for this disposal will be passed on to the exhibitor.

Compulsory Forms

1. Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment is compulsory for all exhibitors and can be submitted on the VisionPlus EXPO Exhibitor Portal.  All Risk Assessments should cover the open period as well as build and breakdown.

The Risk Assessment form now contains the Health & Safety form, gathering information about your treatments, and your health and safety representative so must be completed by all. 

2. Shell Scheme Exhibitors 

Fascia Name Board

Shell Scheme exhibitors should confirm the text for their Fascia Nameboard on the VisionPlus EXPO Exhibitor Portal before 1st September in order that the stand name is printed correctly. If this form is not completed, your name board will carry the stand name on your contract. 

3. Space-only Exhibitors 

Space-only Stand Plans

Space-only exhibitors must submit their stand plans to be reviewed for Permission to Build. Please submit the detailed stand specifications on the VisionPlus EXPO Exhibitor Portal

Stands that have not been signed off will not be permitted to build so ensure they are submitted before 05 September 2024

If you haven’t received your Exhibitor login yet, or for any other queries please email Tarsem Singh at

Brand Zone 

Brands being exhibited are showcased on the VisionPlus EXPO website for all visitors to view. Exhibitors can choose to display your logo alongside a short company profile and your social media links. 

Participating Brands’ List

To update your information, and to discuss other marketing opportunities available to you, get in touch with Neelam Solanki on

Build-Up and Breakdown

Hi-Vis & Other Safety Wear 

VisionPlus EXPO requires all contractors and exhibitors to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment – that is: hi-vis waistcoat or jacket, appropriate footwear and hard hats/riggers headwear (where appropriate) whilst in areas where construction/de-construction (including Shell Scheme) is taking place. Anywhere there is danger from overhead working, the 2m area around the stand will be designated as a hard hat area. It will be your responsibility to ensure that anyone walking onto your site during these times is wearing a hard hat. 

View Festival Arena’s Health & Safety Manual


Build-up for VisionPlus EXPO will begin at 14:00hrs onwards on Sunday – 6th October for Space-only exhibitors. Shell Scheme exhibitors may begin setting up their stand from 06:00hrs on Monday

No exhibitor will be allowed to set up during show days or beyond the set time schedule if they have not already started setting up as per the guidelines. 


The breakdown will begin at 17:30hrs on Thursday 10th after the halls are clear of visitors, and will continue until 24:00hrs that night. Any goods left in the halls after this time will be deemed abandoned and disposed of as rubbish. There will be a charge for the removal of any stand fitting or other goods that are abandoned, and this cost will be passed onto the exhibitor. 


For more on collections, see: Deliveries & Collections

If you have queries please email Tarsem Singh at

See also: Event Timetable, Parking, Access

Trolleys & Porters   

There are NO trolleys nor porters available in the halls, from us, nor the venue. We would strongly advise all exhibitors to bring their own where necessary. 

If you require assistance during build or breakdown, our Freight & On-site Logistics contractor, Al Nabooda, can lift exhibits to your vehicle or handle all transport of exhibits at nominal charges.

For any queries please email Mohammed at


Security will be operational from 01:00hrs on Tuesday 8th October. 

The Organisers will take all reasonable security precautions during the build-up, open days and breakdown. However, all exhibitors are advised that sensible steps should be taken by themselves to protect their property. 

Speak to your insurance company for proper coverage on any material from the time of travelling to the show until you return to your premises. 

Any precautions you take are in your best interest as neither the Organiser nor the venue is responsible for any loss or damage to any goods at any time during the exhibition howsoever caused. 

Exhibitors are strongly warned against leaving valuables unattended on their stand, particularly during breakdown as this is a vulnerable time. 

See also: Theft


Venue and onsite Information

Festival Arena by Intercontinental – Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE 
T: +971 (0)4 701 1098 

You must first attend the Traffic Administration Point when arriving at the Venue, in order to either identify yourself to gain entry to the halls or to be put in the traffic system for unloading. See Access


See also: Deliveries & Collections, Loading & Unloading 


There are up to 1200 free parking spaces within 1-minute walk from Festival Arena, for use during build and breakdown, as well as open days.


Due to recent changes in the law, immigration controls have been applied to venues in Dubai. 

Build-up & Breakdown – Exhibitors 

Exhibitors and their employees must attend the Traffic Administration Point upon arrival in order to identify themselves as an exhibitor. Accepted documents to do so can be either a copy of your stand contract or a business card with a matching Emirates ID card. There is no cost to this. 

Build-up & Breakdown – Contractors 

Contractor passes are 15AED per person, per day. Supervisors representing their workforce must attend the Traffic Administration Point upon arrival and leave their Emirates ID card with security there. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring each of their crew’s right to work, so although the full crew are not required to leave their ID with the Administration Point, they must all ensure they have their ID with them at all times. 

See the Festival Arena Policy for details

In the event that an Immigration Officer attends the site, the Supervisor is legally responsible for the workforce they have onsite. 

Open Days – Exhibitor Badges 

To register your staff for badges for exhibitor access on open days, you should provide the details in a single spreadsheet and email to before 21st September. These passes are strictly meant for people manning the stalls. All invites will be registered as visitors at the venue.


Badge Quota  as per booth area 
12- 18 sq.m24 – 36 sq.m>36 sq.m
Max 10 badgesMax 20 badgesMax 35 badges

Please submit the detailed stand specifications on the VisionPlus EXPO Exhibitor Portal

Download Template for Exhibitor Badges Spreadsheet

You cannot activate the exhibitor badges to print yourself. You must collect them at the show from the registration desks onsite from Sunday after 14:00hrs

Loading & Unloading

To access the Loading Bay, you should first attend the Traffic Administration Point at the venue in order to be queued. 

Upon reporting to the office, you’ll be directed by the Traffic Marshals to queue for the appropriate door for the location of your stand and given a vehicle ID to display on your windscreen. 

You should follow instructions from the Traffic Marshals at all times. 

Vehicles are given the following slots:  

  • Cars – 15 mins unloading
  • Transits/Lutons – 30 mins unloading
  • 7.5 tonnes/12 tonnes – 1hr unloading
  • Articulated lorry/25 tonnes – 1hr 30 mins unloading

Deliveries & Collections


If you are intending to have goods delivered to your stand by external contractors, it is important that you arrange for a representative of your company to be at your stand to receive them. Neither the organisers nor the venue can accept delivery of any goods, and cannot accept responsibility for any goods delivered to unstaffed stands.  

If you need to have something delivered to your stand, or you are using a courier to make a delivery, please have your packages addressed as follows so we can direct them to your stand:  

[Stand name & stand number]
[Your own contact name & mobile number]
VisionPlus EXPO 2024
Festival Arena, Dubai Festival City
Dubai, UAE 

The first two lines of the address are imperative to ensuring the successful delivery of your goods. Failure to do so may result in your items not being delivered or being delivered to the wrong place. 

To access the Loading Bay, you should report to the Traffic Administration Point at the venue where the Traffic Marshals will provide you with a Vehicle ID pass (to be displayed on your windshield) and will direct you to the best available doors for your stand. 

We strongly advise all exhibitors who are sending valuable items to the exhibition to send them by courier. Any such items must then be signed for personally by exhibitors. We also advise you to check the local office open days and hours if you arrange for another courier company to deliver items to your stand. Some courier companies have restricted open hours, especially at weekends so ensure you also have emergency/out-of-hours contact details for them.  

Deliveries will only be accepted during the tenancy of the exhibition i.e. from Sunday after 14:00hrs at the earliest. If you are making your own deliveries during the open days of the show, these can only be made between 08:00hrs and 09:15hrs before the exhibition opens.

Collection of Exhibits  

If you are arranging for goods to be collected after the show closes, we strongly advise you not to leave goods unattended at any time before they are collected; the breakdown is a particularly vulnerable time and stock is at a much higher risk of being lost or damaged.  

All exhibitors should have arranged for collections to be made by Thursday at 24:00hrs. Under no circumstances can anything be left in the hall overnight and no collections can be made on Friday. 

If you foresee any issues with this, contact the Operations team pre-event, or the Organisers’ Office on-site.  

Any goods left in the halls after Thursday 24:00hrs evening will be deemed abandoned and disposed of as rubbish. There will be a charge for the removal of any stand fitting or other goods that are abandoned, and this will be passed on to the exhibitor.  

Neither the Venue nor the Organisers can accept responsibility for damage to stands or goods or the loss of any property on any stand or anywhere else at the exhibition.  

The logistic contractors, Al Nabooda, can help with moving and lifting in the halls if you need – Please contact Al Nabooda at

 See also: Build-up & Breakdown, Freight & On-site Logistics, Access

Organisers’ Office   

The Organisers’ Office will be manned from 14:00hrs on Sunday 6th October

If you have any queries regarding your participation at the show beforehand or on-site, you should contact
Neelam Solanki at or call on +91 9820819674

Contact the Team 

Department Details


+971 52 760 9479

Tarsem Singh


+91 98208 19674

Neelam Solanki


+971 50 8886 436

Jasbir Bolar


+91 88283 38897

Shahebaz Vora

Shell Scheme Stands

Shell Scheme Stands   

PLEASE ALSO READ: Shell Scheme General Regulations 

What’s Included? 

As a Shell Scheme exhibitor, your stand will be built by our official stand contractor, SilverPixelz Advertising and will include: 

  • Walling (white)
  • Carpet ( green)
  • Fascia Name Board
  • 1 x table
  • 2 x chairs
  • 1 x waste bin
  • 1 x display showcase with lockable storage
  • 1 x socket
  • Lighting

Below is an image of the general Shell Scheme stands. 

Your stand may not have the same dimensions, shape, or number of panels as the example above. If you are unsure of what your stand will look like, refer to your booking form or the show floorplan, or contact Neelam Solanki on +91 98208 19674

Fascia Name Board   

A name board will be supplied to all Shell Scheme stands. Return the Fascia Name Board form below before 21st September to ensure the correct name is displayed on your stand as alterations on-site will be subject to a surcharge. If this form is not completed, your name board will carry the stand name on your contract.


You can submit your required Facia title on the VisionPlus EXPO Exhibitor Portal.

If you haven’t received your Exhibitor login yet, or for any other queries please email Tarsem Singh at

Useful Measurements 

Height Internal stand height : 2500mm 
Graphics for Panels The visible height of the panels is 2350mm high.

Attaching Graphics 

You can affix your graphics using anything that will not damage the panels, e.g. double-sided tape, or Velcro. 


Shell Scheme Specification 

For in-depth information on how your stand will be constructed, or to discuss any alterations to the Shell Scheme panels, contact SilverPixelz Advertising on:

Details as below

Provided below the Contact Information of   Mr. Ravish Tyagi

 Contact information:

Mobile Number: +971 55 816 45 10
Email                  : 

To help them to advise you as accurately as possible, please ensure that you know your stand number and dimensions. If you are unsure of these, contact the Show Director.

Space-only Stands

What’s Included? 

Space-only stands have booked a space marked-out on the show floor upon which to build. You have a legal obligation to build your stand to the standards and regulations outlined in this manual. 

Space-only Stand Plans 

Stand Plans must be forwarded for approval to the Operations Team in order that a stand-build audit check can be carried out, and permission to build can be granted. Regardless of whether your plans are Simple or Complex, you must submit: 

  • At least 1 elevation plan and 1 plan view of your plans, clearly indicating positions of walling, features, working exhibits, and demonstration areas. These copies must also show dimensions (including height) of all aspects (walling, gangways, fire routes etc.) and indicate materials used. In the case of complex structures, these must show structural calculations.
  • Method Statement
  • Contact details for the contractor/s
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Space only Stand Contractors need to Submit a security deposit of AED 5000 before taking venue possession and the same will be refunded within 7 working days if no damage is incurred to the venue, living or any other physical assets.

Please note that stands over 4m in height require special approval – please upload your plans/provisional plans on the VisionPlus EXPO Exhibitor Portal

If you haven’t received your Exhibitor login yet, or for any other queries please email Tarsem Singh at

Deadline for Submitting Plans 

Exhibitors must get all plans, Simple or Complex, signed off by the VisionPlus EXPO Operations Manager latest by 6th September. 

Failure to get the plans approved by this deadline will result in delays. If your plans are not approved, you may not have permission to build onsite. 

Simple Stands   

Simple stands are those stands under 4m in height, and not otherwise using structures that would then re-classify the stand as complex (see below). 

Complex Stands

A complex structure is any form of construction that requires input from a structural engineer to ensure a safe build and operation. 

The following examples will re-classify a stand as a complex structure, regardless of the overall height: 

  • Any stand or structure 4m or higher in height*
  • Viewing/service platforms
  • Items suspended from drop wires, e.g. lighting rigs, towers
  • Raised walkways
  • Ramps
  • Platforms and stages 600mm and greater in height
  • A structure which requires cross-bracing
  • Stairs, steps or staircases of any height
  • A stand with a travel distance to an aisle of more than 10m
  • Temporary grandstands and tiered seating
*Stands 4m or higher in height require special approval – please upload your plans/provisional plans to the VisionPlus EXPO Exhibitor Portal

NOTE: Complex stands that require auditing from external resources for structural stability and weight-bearing approval will be charged extra as per actuals

If you haven’t received your Exhibitor login yet, or for any other queries please email Tarsem Singh at

General Regulations on Submitting Plans    

  • Plans must prove structural stability; failure to do so will result in your plans being rejected.
  • Photographs of built stands will not be accepted.
  • Permission to build a stand for a previous show will not be accepted as permission to build. Plans must be re-submitted for every show.
  • Permission to build, and/or comments will be returned to the exhibitor or contractor after submitting the plans.
  • Permission to build must not be assumed until it is received in writing from the Organisers.
  • No alterations to stands from the agreed plans may be made without agreement with the Organisers.
  • All plans, calculations and documentation must be in English and should clearly state the exhibiting company’s name, stand number and the name and contact number of the responsible contractor.
  • No plans should be sent directly to the Local Authority or the Venue.
  • Exhibitors should ensure that all stand fitting information is passed onto their contractor, including stand size and floor plan.
  • Your plans must indicate where your stand number or name will be displayed as this is required on all Space-only sites.
  • You must indicate the position and direction of the audio speakers (they must face into your stand).


Any Space-only exhibitor or contractor who requires any advice on the structural or technical elements of their stand build or design can contact the VisionPlus EXPO Operations Manager, Tarsem Singh on

Method Statement

A Method Statement is a safe procedure document. Space-only stands must ensure that their contractors submit this for build (the exhibitor must submit this if they are constructing a stand themselves) alongside your stand plans. 

Walling Ruling    

All Space-only stands are subject to our walling ruling, that is: 

Long runs of full-height walling on or within 2m of the perimeter of a stand are not permitted. 

Full-height is considered to be any wall or structure over 1.2m high. A long run is that which exceeds 30% of the overall length of any one side. 

For example, on a 6m perimeter, up to 1.8m of this length can have a wall that is 1.2m or taller in height. 

This rule forms part of the terms and conditions of your stand booking. You must submit stand plans in good time before the event so we can check this; submitting plans late will not be a valid reason to get exemption from this rule. 

The spirit of this regulation is to ensure your fellow exhibitors are always facing onto some activity, and that tall, long walls do not block off other stands or aisles, or affect visitor traffic. 

It is advisable that any runs of walling which face an aisle should be dressed and made good. Similarly, the reverse of any walling should be dressed from 2.5m upwards (the minimum height requirement) so other stands are not looking onto unfinished walling. 

This ruling also applies to Shell Scheme exhibitors building within their stand space. 

There may be exceptions to this rule, where the wall is against a show feature or Venue perimeter for example. If this is the case for your stand, please contact the Show Director in the first instance.