VisionPlus EXPO 2024

Exhibitors Guide

Last updated on: Friday, 28 Jun 2024


Tarsem Singh

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نيلام سولانكي

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Getting Started

Q: When can I access the hall? 

A: Space-only exhibitors can access the halls from 12:01 am hrs on Sunday 06th October. Shell Scheme exhibitors can access the hall from 06:00hrs on Monday 07th October. The hall will be open until 24:00hrs that night for all. Breakdown begins after the show closes on Thursday -17:300hrs – and the halls will be open until 24:00hrs that night.

Q: How do I get vehicle access to the hall? 

A: By reporting to the venue’s Traffic Administration Point at the exhibition venue you can gain access to the loading area. The traffic marshals will provide you with a vehicle ID pass (which should be displayed in your windshield) and will direct you to the best available doors for your stand. See: Access.

Q: As an Exhibitor, do I need a pass to get in during build and breakdown? 

A: You must identify yourself as an exhibitor (or employer of an exhibitor) upon arrival at the Traffic Administration Point. Acceptable ID documents include either a copy of the contract, or a business card with a matching Emirates ID card.


Q: How do my contractors gain access? 

A: Contractors’ Supervisors representing their workforce must leave their own Emirates ID card with the Traffic Administration Point, and pay a fee of 15AED per person, per day. This Supervisor is legally responsible for ensuring the right to work of each of their employees, and must be able to produce their employees’ ID cards if and/or when required. See: Access.

Q: How to get access on open days? 

A: You should share a spreadsheet listing out the details of your employees and mail to You can then collect your badges onsite Monday night or on the day of the exhibition.


Your Stand

Q: What’s included with my stand? 

A: Space-only stands do not have any inclusions; you will simply have a space marked out on the show floor. Shell Scheme stands include walls (as per respective layout), carpet and a nameboard, as well as 1 x table, 2 x chairs, 1 x lockable counter, 1 x waste bin, 1 x plug point and basic lighting. For more information write to

Q: What am I required to provide as a Space-only stand? 

A: You must provide Stand Design in 3D format  for review, and will only be permitted to build based on your compliance with our regulations. As a Space-only stand, you are required to provide your own dividing walls to a minimum of 2.5m high between your stand and any neighbouring stands, to provide health and safety-compliant flooring. If your walling goes over 2.5m, you will need to dress the back of your stand above 2.5m in white or black fabric or paint.

Q: What is the maximum height that I can build to? 

A: The maximum build height for Space-only stands at VisionPlus EXPO, Dubai is 6m, with anything over 4m considered complex and will require special approval; see: Space-only Stand Plans. Shell Scheme stands are required to be kept within the confines of their stands and are limited to a maximum height of 2.5m.

Q: Will I receive any power sockets or lights? 

A: There are no electrics included if you are Space-only; Shell Scheme exhibitors will receive 1 x socket, and lighting. To order (at additional cost) extra lights, plug points  or any other electrical requirements, write to 

Q: What colour is the show’s gangway? 

A: The colour of the aisle is Grey.

Q: What colour will my Shell Scheme walls and carpet be? 

A: The carpet for Shell Scheme stands will be Green. Shell Scheme walls are white.

Q: What do I do if I don’t like the default carpet? 

A: If you wish to change your Shell Scheme carpet, you can do so at additional cost. For details email to


Q: Can I offer drinks or food on my stand? 

A: All catering should be organised via Festival Arena – they have a great range of hospitality options and packages to suit your needs. For details go to ‘Catering’

Q: Are my products safe to leave in the halls? 

A: The halls are patrolled by security guards and monitored by CCTV for the whole of our tenancy period, however we cannot guarantee the security of your products or accept responsibility for any product which is lost, stolen or damaged during the show. You will need to ensure that you have appropriate insurance to protect you against such events. 


Q: Do I need insurance to participate at the show? 

A: Exhibitors should ensure they have adequate insurance protection. It would also be prudent for you to consider Cancellation Expenses and Property covers in addition.